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I`m having trouble with remembering.

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This is probably one of the dumbest questions you`d ever encountered, but : does anyone around here know almost all the levels by heart? Here`s the issue : I`ve been getting back into DooM, and I was searching for videos on YouTube for a walkthrough. I`ve been through Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom. I just found the Master Levels for DooM II, and nothing is clicking.

I have a second question to my first : I`ve been searching for certain levels from an old part of my memory. Will any of you be able to help me? I signed up to this forum for this exact reason.

My descriptions are vague, so I apologize in advance; these are all separation levels :
- This is my favorite level; it`s a rather big map, and there`s a small baseball field with an Arachnotron guarding it. And to exit, it`s a small elevator to go down; I believe the door requires all three keys.
- There`s a giant tall building towering over this one sort of wasteland map. I`m uncertain if it`s wasteland or not, but I do happen to remember that Imps like to throw fireballs at me. The tower has a spiraling staircase to take you to the top.
- It`s a giant stadium, looking like the one in Rome. I remember the two Cyberdemons that come out to attack you, but that`s everything I recall.
- Spacey levels; I vaguely see this level in my head, but there`s a bunch of levels that were spacey. There was a hole in the ceiling, and the sky was starry and black.

: /

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I know all the official Doom series levels by heart, but I don't recall any baseball field levels being part of it. Are you referring to WADs found on the idgames archive? The only wide-open level I can think of with an arachnotron that uses all three keys is The Citadel from Doom II. It's a large level but it's not a baseball field.

When it comes to towers in the Doom series Black Tower comes to mind. Especially since there is a staircase that builds itself to a high platform; giving access to the higher floor levels.

The only levels I can think of that was stadium-like (somewhat) with two or more cyberdemons is Cyberden and Go 2 It; both from Final Doom's The Plutonia Experiment. Nothing like the one in Rome, though. Most likely something from the idgames archive.

TNT: Evilution (as part of Final Doom) has a lot of spacey levels. The second episode of that game has the spacey sky texture. But the Master Levels also uses a spacey sky texture for some of the levels. So those are the official Doom series levels that make use of the night sky/starry sky texture.

Well, I did the best I could to remember anything in those categories; even some of the levels that could be mistaken for those things. That's the best I could come up with.

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Thank you for the reply.

It`s a suburb level, with a small baseball field. It isn`t large, the field, but it`s somewhere around the level.

How do I access this idgames archive? I am unable to download, and I wanted to look for a walkthrough of these memory levels. But thank you a lot; I will be searching for these levels in the meanwhile.

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valkiriforce said:
Here's a link to the idgames archive:

Technically, that is the idgames database (as it notes), a frontend for searching the archive, downloading from the available mirrors and commenting or rating files. It's important to distinguish them because later when people have some inquiry or issue with either the database or the archives they have to contact different people (Ty Halderman in one case, Doomworld in the other.) Just clarifying for that reason; it certainly is the best place to link to when someone is asking how to access or search the archive.

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Vaporizer said:

Suburb level? Here comes a wild guess: MAP16: Suburbs from Doom 2?

Nah, the level he's describing sounds like it sort of actually looks like a suburb.

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