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help me ID a certain WAD,,,

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I need to start backing up and saving all the user WADs I download that interest me...

Anyway, this one... the best I can describe it is that the final level was rather mystical/ethereal in style. The final boss seemed to be built on that Doom 3 hell load screen of the eyeless skull, with eyes that opened and had to be shot to "kill" it.

The level set seemed full of some unusual design choices, going for aesthetic build and an atmosphere that's not typical of Doom but it was quite nice to play. But of course I can't think of it, I don't seem to have it anymore. Maybe someone will recognize this set?

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I believe this is the one. I've only played up to map 2 so far but the atmosphere is the same and the levels are familiar. Thanks.

This is one of my favorites, along with Scythe 2 and Unloved.

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