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Carniverous Goat

Monster Remote Control

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I've googled all over the internet to search for a wad that would allow me to take control of any monster. Scripted in a way that I could just look at a monster, use the function, and go into first person view while controlling the monsters attacks and movements like a remote control. Or using a 3rd person to do the same as described.

I searched "Monster Possesion, Monster Control, and monster use" But I could not find anything that matched the idea.

Is it possible to script this function? Is it already available? Have people attempted to make such a mod? And if so, where can I find it? I have no modding skill what-so-ever, but I'd love to see a mod just like the idea said in the above text.

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that is possible, in my case i control a monster with a weapon with acs in my wad mortal kombat is very easy considering each button call a special state of the monster with setactorstate and with playerinput buttons.....

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Master of Puppets lets you possess monsters. You can leave them either when the monster is killed or by pressing the button. It's pretty cool and fun for multiplayer.
I can send you a copy if interested.

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