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Cloning monsters?

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Is it possible to add the same monster several times to a wad with different variations? What i want to do is make several clones of the demon with different colours and different attributes and sprites.. (basically won't be a demon when i'm done..) i'm just wondering is there a limit to how many i can make? what would i name the new entries?
if this is a common thread i apologize just please give me a link to a reply or if you have an answer please let me know! Thanks!! :D

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1. Read the zdoom wiki article on DECORATE and adding new items.
2. Go to realm667.com and download some imp variants or something.
3. Place them in a map.
4. If you don't like them, or you are unable to place them in a map, open the wad up in Slade3 and use your new skills from step 1 to give them an editing number/tweak them to your liking.

Edit: No, in zdoom there are no limits to how many "actors" you can have, and the name is not important (as long as you don't use an existing name) This is a commonly asked question here. :) But these links should help you:


If you want to use a port besides zdoom, you can use the Eternity port, which I believe has some sort of system called "EDF" which allows you to define knew actors in a way similar to zdoom DECORATE.

You can also used DeHacked, but its much older, and limited (you can't add a new monster without sacrificing and old one, so you would be limited to only a few variants).

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Thank you very much! Sorry i know i'm all full of noobish questions lol
I'm doing my first TC so running into all kinds of issues as i go. Thanks for taking the time to answer dude, I really appreciate it! **

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