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DIS - Hell's Capital

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This map is a remake of E3M8 "Dis".
Dis is described as the capital city of hell itself, but that's not what we saw in Doom, not to mention the poor and easy mastermind that just takes 1 BFG shot to die.

This level really looks like a big and massive infernal city, and the Mastermind is a thousand times harder! But don't worry, there are enough space and ammo to fight against it, and you can defeat her, even in singleplayer.

I have to mention that this map was a designed in a speedmapping, I did it in aprox. 5 hours so don't expect a "KDiZD level of detail".

Requires ZDoom, GZDoom, Skulltag, or other sourceport that supports DECORATE and MAPINFO.

Use it on Doom 2. You must be asking now "Why you made a E3M8 remake for Doom 2?". That's due some textures that fits better for the buildings.



Criticism is apreciated. Thanks.

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First off, I'd like to say this was a really quick entertaining map!

The giant spider boss though, occasionally he'd stop and start volleying off rockets which was surprising, but often time's he would start his shooting animation and nothing at all would come out. This made the fight, needless to say, incredibly easy.

Otherwise, great job!

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I think it's good that you attempt a E3M8 remake after giving shit to Vaporizers attempt. Gonna play this later, and for your sake I hope it's better.

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The fact that the Boss Mastermind moves so much faster makes him much scarier and tougher.

Nice work.

What is the music from, just outta interest?

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sonic_13 said:

First off, I'd like to say this was a really quick entertaining map!

Indeed, a surprisingly simple, but cool map. I wouldn't have made the Spiders rockets that fast though (it was a cheap way to make the attack more powerful).

Though I don't think things looked very hellish. It looked more like a Doom2 Earth city than the capital of Hell.

There was also an unknown texture on one of the buildings.

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I enjoyed this map it was short, simple and fun.

Visually the city was sound and I liked the scale of everything apart from the aforementioned missing texture on one of the buildings, although I don't feel you captured what a hell city would look like, and that doesn't come down to level of detailing, but of texture choice and the way the buildings come together.

The boss itself was also an enjoyable fight, as with the previous spider demon you have to work with cover, which is made more difficult with the added barons, cacodemons and demons. I did not like the added rocket attack as I felt it was just an imitation of the cyberdemon, I think a "random teleport effect" would make the beast even more of a handful.

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Thanks for the comments, guys.

@sonic_13: I noticed it. The Spider actualy doesn't loops the attack animation without firing. It fires, but sometimes, if you are so far away from it, it will hit only the monsters. Gotta try to fix that.

@Kyka: I really don't remeber. I got it from a random wad one year ago.

@Vermil: Yep, I'm trying to improve it. This is my very first time to do something hellish. All my other maps were arround hi-tech futuristic downtowns.
Also, I already noticed the missing texture, and fixed it.

@Bobsklim IV: Hmm.. okay, maybe I will change the graphic of the spider's secondary attack.

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