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Vermil's Maps

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Udderdude's Hordes of Chaos series credits Vermil's Maps for the base of many of its levels; but I can't find anything by the name of "Vermil's Maps" on the idgames archive. Anyone knows where they are?

By the way, bonus question: HOCX credits "The Lost Gate" for E5M2. What is it? The closest fit seems to be "the lost gateway".

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Other than one, they were all old maps that I had made but never released. Udderdude decided to collectively name them "Vermil's maps"

The map I released can be found on the ID games Archive as "Steeple Chase"; looking at the text file, I was a little naive back then, well more naive :p

I've still got the original versions of the unreleased maps.

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Alright, thanks for the clarification. I wrote an entry for HoC on the ZDoom wiki, and I wanted to give links to all the released source maps.

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