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Spire - Final Release

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For the best part of this year I've been working away on this, Spire, and I feel that it is pretty much finished now. Its a five map hub for zdoom (tested with v 2.4.1, any earlier versions might not work) but I reccomend playing it with GZDOOM (tested with v 1.5.3).

Although it is a Zdoom project I've tried not to go overboard with use of ZDoom features (think Eternal Doom 4), the maps are gothic/hell themed and feature a range of easy to hard fights. There is currently only one difficulty level as I feel that I would be wasting my time adding in more (who doesnt play on UV?), If you find this really hard then either play on I'm too young to die or use health/ammo cheats. Being a hub you must play this wad as an episode, i.e. dont cheat to any of the maps as this will probably break the wad.

IDGAMES: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16249

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Well let me start of by saying I enjoyed this wad alot, considering you made it for zdoom it hardly appears to have any serious features added into it, which I like.

level design was good and i liked alot of the architecture and constructs you had made, particularly the first main room and the final level stood out for me.

As far as the fights were concerned I liked the range in difficulty although there were a few I thought were poorly scripted. I felt the new enemies added to the levels and filled good niches.

I gather you are probably looking for more feedback than this and when i have the time i will pm you something a bit more detailed

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Hi there!
Just played through this (needed a couple of sittings because I had to take breaks from this) and here I am to give a little feedback.

First off, I quite enjoyed the wad. It had a good amount of ammo (if not too many at times) and the difficulty I felt was quite right (played on UV). The architecture was interesting at times, but at other times it was quite boring and steril looking. The gameplay had a very good and a very bad part I felt.

The good part: even though every map was quite large and had lots of paths to explore, I never felt lost for more than a minute or so. I don't know how you've managed that, but having so many open paths and still leading the player through it in a logical way so he doesn't get lost was really impressive to me.

The bad part: I never really felt that I was accomplishing something. I ran around and pressed switches telling me "one third of a puzzle has been solved"... what puzzle? Did I miss something? There were quite a few of those switches and so I was running around solving one third of a puzzle here and one of two segments there, never really knowing where or what I was doing really. That was confusing and felt like I had no real goal.

My suggestion would be to make a connection between puzzle switch and the goal. For example the snake switches obviously were somehow connected to the same puzzle, but I never knew what they did. So if in the main hall there would be some kind of snake tower in the middle that shows a blocked opening to another level, that would show the player "ah, the snake tower is opening after the sequence is complete so I can advance to the final area".

My other complaint is about the arena type levels as a whole. It seemed to me that you are really into that arena-battle type of gameplay so you made a lot of that. Sometimes exiting one arena just to get into another arena felt annoying for me and was kind of getting boring. Sometimes arenas were just connected with eachother just with a little corridor that felt bland and empty of any details. I would have liked to see some more different kind of battles mixed between all those giant arena locations. And you really seemed to like the Bruiserdemon, because he was also kind of everywhere, making the overall experience even more feel like "done that before".

Those two things made me quit this wad a few times before I actually finished it, because I got annoyed by the fact that there were so many arena battles and overall I never felt that I was accomplishing anything besides killing more monsters in arenas and hitting switches that were part of some puzzle.

Overall I still enjoyed most of the time playing this and I would recommend this to people who want to fight big numbers of monsters in big arenas ... A LOT ;)

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The three chain switches open up the big tower in the middle of the main hall

The three snake switches are in optional areas of the maps and open up the BFG secret

I can see how pressing all these switches might seem confusing, perhaps a back story might explain a bit (this will be included in the text file). The switch puzzles were inspired by the puzzles from Hexen, perhaps I could have switch panels that light up as you enter into each of the areas and press them, similar to what was done in the second hub of Hexen (shadow woods or whatever it was called).

I always think its better to have too much ammo than too little, I think the arena battles wont be to everyones taste, it just depends on whether you like that sort of thing. Some of them arn't perfect but thats why this thread has been created - to try and get suggestions on how to improve the maps.

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I've gotten through most of this WAD, and I have to say it's a lot of fun, although quite difficult. I seem to be getting gang-raped by Revenants a lot...I agree with BlueEagle about the switches, but not the arena fights. I thought they were appropriate for a WAD focused on hardcore game play, and the maps are visually grand, epic, and original in their gothic medieval styles. I strongly get the impression I'm playing through some ancient demonic castle in this WAD, and your texture placement is flawless.

The switches, though, had me confused. There are two sets: the chain switches and the snake switches, but there never is any clear indication as to what they unlock. Something to do with the main hall...but do they all relate to this main hall, or do these sets unlock their own respective areas? Some clarity would have been nice as to what the switches were doing for me.

I haven't finished the WAD yet, as it's pretty long, but I do find it entertaining. After playing through a stretch of "meh" WADs, this is a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing more maps from you :).

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I've started to play your maps. Well, the architecture is very good, but I've found the gameplay poor. I prefer restricted areas with doors, switches, corridors... a more classic kind of map. It's only an opinion. Anyway thank you for your work, it's valuable.

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Just finished playing through this after a few sittings.
Can't fault your architecture...just the right level of detail and some nice, original scenery.
There are a lot of arena battles which I don't mind too much but like someone else said, it did seem a lot like arena, corridor, arena, corridor.

The last level was quite fun to play but when everything started falling away, some of the later fights, particularly the last Revenant and Baron ambush, became very cramped. This was also the only point where I ran out of ammo as the ammo I had been saving fell to the lava below. Not sure whether or not there was a way to get back up if you fall...didn't want to risk it.

Also worth bearing in mind that a Cyb fell off at the end and they need to all be killed to reveal the exit, if I recall correctly. Luckily this one fell off on it's death but if not, I'm not sure I'd have been able to kill it from above.

I enjoyed playing though, nice work.

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I played this a short while ago and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was tough but engaging, and the architecture was incredible. The maps were stunning, epic, and lovely in their gothic/medieval style. The only complaint I have is that the last map doesn't fit at all save for the difficult game play. The theme is totally different from the other maps, and it almost seems like a plain addition to the otherwise visually extravagant WAD. Other than that, this was a very impressive game. :)

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