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Porting Doom to a GP32

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Would anybody be interested in helping with a port of Doom to a new handheld gaming device called the GP32 (www.gp32.com/english/) the SDK is free to use and comes under the same GPL as Doom.
The machine uses a RISC processor and has 8MB of RAM which should be more than sufficiant for a decent port, I was thinking of using the Doom-It-Yourself as a base as this is already optomised with ARM RISC assembler. I've had experince of working with the Quake engine but this would be my first proper project with Doom, if anyone would be interested helping please drop me a line at 9902899@tay.ac.uk


(P.S. I do actually own a GP32 so I can test it on something other than an emulator ;)

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yah that thing is cool. if they lower the price, get more games for it, and dont drop it within a year ( like the game.com ) it would be cool. but unless this happens, dont waste your time.

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