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General Rainbow Bacon

Wads for a new doomer?

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Hey guys, I have a friend who is starting to play Doom and he wants some suggestions of wads to try, but as I am a much better player than him I seem to throw wads of ridiculous difficulty at him. What are some good wads that aren't that hard he could try? He can barely complete Doom 2 on UV btw.

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Has he tried lesser difficulties? If he's relatively new to Doom it would be tough to set foot into community made map territory.

My fondest Dooming experiences were with megawads. You'd probably have the best luck getting him to love Doom if you show off some of wads from the 10 years of wads. This is just me but I think you should start with the older ones first to whet his appetite, then move on to show him some newer stuff so he gets more and more impressed, instead of say, showing him the best of the best and making everything else made by the Doom Community look like crap in comparison.


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If he finished the IWADs already, I can recommend him "Crossing Acheron", either for Doom 1 or 2.

ALSO: this site. It has some very nice entry-level Doom wad recommendations. It's where I found the first good wads myself when I was young (about 11). Links work too. Nice retro design, very fitting with Doom.

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