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Hi [upload help request]

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Hi everybody. I'm 19Wraith and I decided register myself in this forum because I love doom 2 and Heretic. I hope enjoy here :).
I've got a question: Where can I send maps that I did on this page? I've looking so much the map section, and I have some maps that I whould that will be there.

PD: I'm Spanish speaker, so sorry for my bad english :(

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You can upload addons to the idgames FTP archive. See this FAQ for more information. Note that the files aren't hosted here on Doomworld, although Doomworld does host a dabatabse that accesses the archive, which is arguably the most convenient way to get to its files.

PS: I moved your thread to the DOOM related section, as your question pertains to it. "Hi" threads are discouraged, although you did incidentally add something else, which made your more acceptable, notwithstanding the title.

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idgames for a permanent archive that anyone can access and play your wads at any time.
drdteam for wads to get lost forever and the only people to even know they exist will have to find the thread in which you posted.

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Kappes Buur said:

Alternatively you could use http://files.drdteam.org/ .

You could also use a file hosting server like MediaFire, but I discourage that because the file is usually deleted automatically after 3 months of inactivity.

Actually mediafire keeps the files as long as someone downloaded the file or the account was active in the last 3 months. So it's pretty useful if you keep it as your prime file host, though anyone who downloads your stuff has to deal with ads.

And wadhost is useful for its getwad feature that lets people just click on the link and download, though you can't tell how many people downloaded the file, heh. Does drdteam do basically that?

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Except for those over-sensitive people that have a problem with the idgames database comments and no trust in the admin's ability to remove flambait, or lamers ripping the work of other community authors without permission, I see little reason to avoid uploading to idgames, with its history, popularity, concentration of files, associated search feature, and reputable admin. Maybe it's not a bad idea for people to also upload to other (potentially permanent) places... but instead of the idgames archive? Nah.

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