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Doom Builder 2 Testing Map

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Been using Doom Builder 2 for a long time now and have made at least five maps so far of my 32 map wad. Problem though:

When I go to test the map now it is loading Ultimate Doom up. No idea why it is doing this as I have already selected that the map is for Doom 2, already chose the resources correctly and that the game is tested using gzdoom for doom 2 and yet it boots up Ultimate Doom for some reason.

Whats going on? It never happened before.

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Alphawolf said:

.... Whats going on? It never happened before.

How the heck should we know what's going on with your computer, if you do not provide more details ?

So, now we have to play the '1000 Questions' game.

To begin with, here is the first question:

How did you set up the ( F6 ) DB2 configuration?
Since you are mapping for vanilla DOOM2, it should be something like this

Your drive/folder assignment will be most likely different though.

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Here is the identical screenshot of my doom builder 2 resource list akin to yours.


Map options:

It isn't an issue with my computer rather the way that the software is being used. There are no changes to my original setup for doom builder 2 since creating my other maps. This started happening for some unknown reason.

I don't recall changing anything and by logic as you have seen on my screen shots that when I click to test the map I should have doom 2 loaded and not Ultimate doom.

Unless I am missing something...

PS I have Ultimate doom in my resources I know, but I had this before and it did not kickstart doom 1 up.

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You cannot have two IWADS in the resources tab. That is inviting trouble. How is DB2 going to determine which IWAD you want to run ?

The proper way is to select a PWAD as a texture/thing resource wad.
So, extract the lumps you need from DOOM.WAD into a separate PWAD.
To do that, use SLADE 3.
Then select that PWAD, e.g. DOOM_resource.wad, with 'Add resource'.

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Just to tell you, you shouldn't add Doom 1 AND Doom 2 as resources, cause they each have different textures. You'll end up with missing textures when you play, so if you want Doom 1 textures, you'll ahve to export them, and then add them to your PWAD.

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