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JENESIS - done and on /idgames.

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Yeah, in jenefix, MAP29 is as it was in the original /idgames release, save for the misplaced sky texture that I just fixed. :)

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Yes, I realised that after and have since removed mention of.

In my last PM to you I indended to mention this but forgot. Mentioned again just in case you missed my previous reply ...

Also, please don't forget to fix the missing upper texture in map 27 line 4907. Note the effect in software when at sector 567 and looking up.

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Since the link for the patch file does not work any more, here is a mirror download:

Jenesis Patch WAD (jnsisfix.wad), 4.4 MB

I changed nothing with the file other than the name. This way, if zipped together with jenesis.wad, you can load it directly e.g. in ZDoom and the patch file will be loaded second (as it should be).

Maybe Jimmy should provide a merged WAD release after all.

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