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Serpent Resurrection

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If any user WAD needed a walk through... this is a new Hexen megawas for GZDoom that tries to focus on RPG elements. The downside is, it's not user-friendly to pick up and play, it's hard to figure out what to do and there's little in-game help.

So, just from my own playing... all this assumes the warrior class. Assign keys to the stats menu so you can assign your points when you level up and to check how much XP you need and your gold stock.

Start Map) you will need to earn gold. Beat up the gray thieves for some XP, they may drop gold bags. If you are a warrior you can push barrels at doc 4 for 125 gold(this is tedious, boring and a bit buggy- you can't pick up the barrels, only push them and some are very close to the edge just begging to fall into the water). The other classes can run the gauntlet. Don't bother gambling in the pub, it seems rigged to lose, no random results.

boat trip) nothing here.

Caldera island) kill monsters for XP. The first thing to do are to get the silver and bronze keys and to get the hammer and axe. The silver key is in the northwest house by the water town entrance. Use the silver key on the house in the southwest section, surrounded by kills to get the hammer. This weapon is practically necessary as it can fire hammer projectiles. The bronze key is in the southwest house by the earth town entrance, use that key to get the axe in the very northeast house.

Earth town) you will need the blue, ruby and gold keys here. The green key is in the dark cave, you will need torches and jump boots to get it.

Fire town) you will need the blue, green and gold keys here. The ruby key is in the "cracks" section of the northeast. You will need the axe to kill the fire spirits, it's the only weapon that hurts them. You'll either need the protect scroll(requires 5 magic points) or fire protect potions and a lot of patience with these monsters. Jump boots are necessary to exit the cracks.

Sky town) you will need the ruby, green and blue keys. The gold key is in the maze of the southeast section, find the room in the middle with a tunnel going up. This level is a free-floating area, much like swimming. You'll be given a wings item when you enter. It lasts the entire map.

Water town) you will need the green, gold and ruby keys here. The blue key is in the northern cave, swim under to enter it and climb the steps along the walls to find it. The western side has a small temple where mages can heal or charge your magic, for a fee.

Gather the keys, hit all 3 switches in each town and beat the Lich monsters to get the 4 gems, then use them in front of the church to open the doors. Beat D'Sparil's minions then go into the lower levels to fight him. Once he's beaten, collect his heart then go into the swamps.

Swamps) the grenades are in the southwest inside a house near a cliff. The swamp key is in the western side, find the cave under the muck and swim under to get it. Use that on a house on the eastern side to get the topaz key. That opens the door in the north to the volcano.

Volcano) You will need jump boots and fire protect potions here. The flame key is in the west in a large round room. The flame mask is in a room on the east side, you'll need jump boots to get it. I have yet to find the cave key... be careful on the bridge leading to the flame key door, it's thin and has angles that you can slide off.

Inner Chamber) no items, just kill monsters. Use the flame mask to unlock the main door. I have no idea what to do in this room but there are 2 Potions of Excellence here which give you stat points.

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One real problem I have with this WAD is that most pick-up items have a border and float, but keys and weapons do not. They are easy to miss, especially keys when they blend in with the wall.

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