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This thread makes me wanna play through Plutonia again! I just love that wad.

Funnily enough, for just 1-2 years ago I didn`t like it that much. I liked Evilution better actually :P

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I still haven't done a "legit" run of either final doom wad (though, from the amount of co-op I used to do on ZDaemon, I can't say I haven't seen any of the maps.)

Alien Vendetta was a friggen blast though. It had a little of everything in it, and was ever-changing. Some maps were puzzles, some were mazes, others slaughter... Definitely top recommended.

Hell Revealed is next on my list. It'll probably kick my ass. Question is... do I dare UV?

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I was able to get up to I think MAP24 of Scythe II on UV without cheating, although I'll confess that I couldn't beat MAP23 without saving like a billion times. I'm not sure whether saving counts as a "legit" run or not, but it certainly must count for something either way... (E1 is the only episode of Doom I've beaten on UV thus far without saving once.)

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Back then I was reluctant to use the mouse so I made gameplay a lot more complicated than was necessary (never happy with the default controls, I came up a custom combination of WASD and arrow keys which was slightly more comfortable) Eventually I'd finish Plutonia in "hurt me plenty" but I don't I recall having gone through the entire game a second time.

Most amazing wad, only paralleled by Plutonia 2.

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