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TEUTiC question

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I may record a demo or two on teutic, the question is: am I thinking the right way?

- I want to use PrBoom plus
- There is an installer which replaces a punch (fists) with a kick. It alters doom.wad, but I assume it has no influence on actual gameplay and it can be ignored. All I need is -iwad doom -file teutic, right?
- "You need v1.666 to play this!!!" - I read. Again, I assume this was written before v1.9 was in common use. -complevel 1, 2 or 3 are all equally good and I think I'll stick with -complevel 2 (Never_Again recorded sudtic.wad demos with doom v1.9).

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Well it appears all the installer is doing is putting a bunch of replacement fist sprites into the iwad, so no I don't believe that will affect anything (I mean you can run Doom PWAD demos with Freedoom as your IWAD, graphics don't matter)

As for complevels I would probably do -complevel 3 (ultimate doom) because that's what I think most engines assume the complevel of a Doom1 demo is these days. That means it makes it easier for others to play back, as the viewer doesn't have to remember to put -complevel 2 on the command line - although of course if you want you can use pr+ extended demo format, if you only care about pr+ users being able to easily watch your demo. Up to you really.

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-complevel 1 (emulating Doom 1.666) could be a neat solution. It is pretty much the same behaviour as -complevel 2, but won't require the user to force a complevel for playback.

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