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Nomonster speedrunning

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I decided I'd rather not go down in Doom speedrun history as a hoarder, so I'm uploading basically everything I have that's worth anything.


1 Monster:

map 7 nomo in 0:53.

map 31 nomo in 0:16.


100 Lines N:

map 1 in 0:51.

map 2 in 0:17.

map 3 in 0:25.

map 4 in 0:19.

map 5 in 0:11.

map 6 in 0:09.

map 9 in 0:27.

map 10 in 0:06.

map 12 in 0:04.

map 13 in 0:12.

map 19 in 0:09.

map 20 in 0:10.

map 22 in 0:11.


50 monsters episode 1 map 1 in 0:26.


Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 16 map 11 in 0:22.

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 19 map 11 in 0:05.

anthill.wad in 0:18.


Eternally Yours:

map 1 in 0:17.

map 2 in 1:01.


Fava Beans E1M1 in 0:26.


Doom 2 the Way id Did map 6 in 0:45.



map 1 in 0:07.

map 2 in 0:08.

map 12 in 0:14.

map 30 in 0:07.



E1M1 in 0:08.94.

E3M7 in 0:50.



E1M4 in 0:26

E1M9 in 0:29.


Swim with the Whales map 31 in 0:46.


Vile Challenge in 0:35.


































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Cybercontrol by elmle; Map07 nomo in 0:22


Two tricks: a void glide and an impse glide (albeit a short one). The geometry for the void glide is notable, as there is a double wall, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.


You could do this with monsters present, but most of the demo would be boring waiting around, and then you'd need a quick glide before the rockets hit. Sorry for the very short stats screen; this can happen when you're mashing the use key. Really lousy movement at the start; I am getting used to a new computer and monitor (both very nice, but with their inevitable idiosyncracies).




[Obviously, this could be done much faster via the intended route, but where's the fun in that?]

Edited by Grazza

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Great job to @doomdaniel95 for redoing his old desyncing CC12 nomo. This utterly fantastic XXL-map by @Use is one of the levels I want to study really detailedly :)


My run is inspired by doomdaniel95's statements from his cc12o423 textfile:



I bet optimal time, without any new tricks, is in the low 4:1x. However, I think it would be painful even for those with more skill than I have to grind for it.


Community Chest MAP12 nomo in 3:48 (would be around 3:54 without my new mini-tricks).



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1 hour ago, doomdaniel95 said:

Alien Vendetta (2nd release) MAP08 nomo in 1:00.74.


You easily can save ~3 seconds by not using lift in the castle and instead jumping to the window from the secret with av and plasma.


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AV MAP26 nomo in 1:34.83.


Ok guys, I need your help. This demo features a useful trick for nomo where I'm able to close the weird waterfall doors that trap you in the BSK room before the BSK platform actually lowers. I was very confused the first time I saw it happen (which was in the 1:36.06 demo I included), but I knew it could save 2-3 seconds if I could replicate it. I watched other demos on DSDA for av26, but I didn't find any featuring this trick. If someone has already discovered this is possible, please let me know. I can't imagine I'm the first one to see it, maybe just to utilize it. I was wondering how exactly it works, since the linedefs that trigger the waterfall doors closing are extremely close (4 units away or less) to the BSK platform, so normally you can't trigger the doors that early. In the instances I got it, I was running along the southern vertex of the BSK platform, where the linedefs are max 4 units away from the platform. My best guess is that I'm barely grazing the southern vertex of the BSK platform without it actually detecting collision and causing me to slow down, and that allows the linedefs to be triggered somehow? Either way, like I said, I wasn't able to get it really consistently or anything, but it was definitely a cool trick to use.

I also realize that it should be possible to do a faster but much harder trick altogether: 2 "squeeze"/guideless glides, one into BSK room, one out of BSK room. However, that involves an east glide *shudders*, and when I find even west guideless glides tricky.... no way I'm trying that in a demo.


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Doom E2M1 nomo in 31.97.


4shockblast has already done this in 31.94 but it has the weird SR50 thing from Prboom+. I have no idea how much it saves time, if any. Anyways, this should be legit at least. *cough* source port *cough*


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