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Nomonster speedrunning

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great demos as usual.

how do you do glides with keyboard only?  i know mouse users sometimes make use of vertical mouse movement. do you just line up and tap MF?

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6 hours ago, doomdaniel95 said:

Thanks! I actually do use vertical mouse movement to glide, but the positioning is all done with the keyboard. 

Jesus you are gifted dude!

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On 7/13/2018 at 3:50 PM, rehelekretep said:

wow mind blown! so you go kb-only and then grab the mouse at the glide? weird!

That's exactly how I do it. In my demos, you'll usually see me get close to the gap (a little to the right, where when I press forward, I'm at the exact angle I need to be and move slightly left). Once I'm at that point, I grab the mouse and get to the pixel-perfect position I need to be at (if I'm going south, east, or north). West glides are so easy that I can just keep pressing the mouse forward and I'll go through automatically (unless when I set up, I managed to be too far to the left from the start). For west glides, the only thing I need to worry about is setting myself up and getting close enough to the gap without it being too slow (c410o201 is a bad example of this--I had a pretty slow setup. cc27o158 has better west glides). South, east, and north are a bit more annoying (especially east and north) because I don't automatically go through as I'm moving the mouse. I either have to move it really slowly to nearly guarantee getting through (which obviously takes too much time in a demo) or just hope I get lucky enough that my position lines up exactly with the gliding gap as I'm moving the mouse forward so I can go through. That's why c410o201 was so annoying--it featured an east glide that wasn't right at the beginning of the run/the only real thing I had to worry about going right. Take it from a natural keyboarder who learned how to do guideless glides really late in the game compared to other speedrunners, haha.


On 7/13/2018 at 9:22 PM, Bob9001 said:

Jesus you are gifted dude!

Thank you! I really appreciate that, though I must say there are a lot of speedrunners who have much greater skill than I.

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3 hours ago, doomdaniel95 said:

I'll have to look for glides in other WADs now

Here's one. I might as well give you a target to beat too.


Xenomorph Base by the Doomer Boards Community

Map01 Nomonsters Speed in 0:47



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22 minutes ago, rehelekretep said:

that sunder03 is beautiful!

Thank you! I'd like to improve it and see the glides go a bit faster, but that's for another day. :)

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I don't know how to format these, but I was proud of this achievement.


The demo is 2:30 long, but it's because I couldn't believe I've done it after half an hour of tries.


Super Mayhem 17, MAP02 -nomo in 0:21.



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SymOcean by Symo Storr


Nomonsters Speed in 1:27


A couple of standard tricks to avoid some parts of the intended route. Since I don't need the yellow key, I don't have to make a second visit to the submarine to lower the periscope.


I looked around for good categories with monsters to use these tricks (such as UV Speed), but they all felt like they would be rather unsatisfying, and NM would be an ordeal. Respawn might be the best bet.


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