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Nomonster speedrunning

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A couple of route demonstrations on The Darkening, both featuring a north-to-south 32-unit glide:

Map05 Nomonsters Speed in 0:44 dk05o044.zip

Map11 Nomonsters Speed in 0:18 dk11o018.zip

Both feasible with monsters present, though in map11 there's a baron parked in front of the exit switch, so pacifist might be awkward.

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NiteLife by Tom Farmer

Map05 Nomonsters Speed in 0:11


Different from the route with monsters, as it features a monster opening a door from the wrong side through the door. Since we can't do quite the same thing, a different approach is needed. Annoying not to get 0:10.

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Did I ever mention I hate rocket jumps? I guess this was therapy:


Rocketeer by Qingshuo Wang (aka piXel reX)

Nomonsters Speed in 0:09


The vital jump can be done with just straferunning, but as far as I can tell, it requires very precise positioning. With the RL, you have more leeway, even if I still had a lousy success rate when trying to do it with minimal set-up.


Edited by Grazza

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Map 03 NoMo100 in 0:59


(previously 1:20 by Bob9001)


This is one of the worst demos I've ever submitted I think, but I just cannot stand this run. A good run would beat the existing NoMo record (54).


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100 Lines T map 31 nomo in 1:01.

Switcherroom E3M1 nomo in 0:08.80. (includes strafe40-only demo in 0:08.94)

Scythe map 6 nomo100 in 0:21.06. Wasn't able to get 20 at the time. :(


For the following two, they include my current DSDA demos as they are tic improvements, so please replace the current demos with these ones.

Scythe map 8 nomo in 0:08.00. >:(

Scythe map 32 nomo in 0:50.11.






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