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Nomonster speedrunning

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Final Doom: TNT Evilution NoMo100s demos:

MAP11 in 0:20, MAP12 in 0:46,

MAP13 in 1:22, MAP14 in 1:58,

MAP15 in 0:59, MAP15s in 0:56,

MAP16 in 1:23, MAP17 in 0:52,

MAP18 in 2:20, MAP19 in 0:50, MAP20 in 2:53.



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Was looking at the leaderboards for nomo100s and noticed that it was kinda dead, so i made this run cause why not. Also this is completed through the secret exit




(first post so dont hate me if i did anything wrong lol)

Edited by Jett

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This is an older demo from last year. I haven't posted this because I wanted to get a better time but I can't see myself grinding this run anymore. Map 9 rocket jump ends about 90 % of my attempts. I might as well post this now and forget about it.


Scythe X in 3:35


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