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Nomonster speedrunning

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On 9/3/2021 at 3:29 AM, Pleymo said:

The Ultimate Doom E4M1 NoMo-100S in 18.94





Good demo, but there's something strange about the video (not the demo). It looks like the player is moving on a rubberband:

at times it moves faster than it should, at times slower.

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It's time to kick gum and ruin the archive maintainer's day


Ancient Aliens Map 04 NoMo in 0:46.80

Ancient Aliens Map 07 NoMo in 0:56.00

Ancient Aliens Map 09 NoMo in 2:29.66

Ancient Aliens Map 10 NoMo in 1:51.17

Ancient Aliens Map 11 NoMo in 0:59.77

Ancient Aliens Map 12 NoMo in 0:29.89

Ancient Aliens Map 13 NoMo in 0:58.54

Ancient Aliens Map 14 NoMo in 0:44.69

Ancient Aliens Map 15 NoMo in 1:13.86

Ancient Aliens Map 31 NoMo in 1:09.14

Ancient Aliens Map 32 NoMo in 0:57.46

Ancient Aliens Map 17 NoMo in 0:58.80

Ancient Aliens Map 19 NoMo in 0:44.20

Ancient Aliens Map 20 NoMo in 1:00.06

Ancient Aliens Map 21 NoMo in 0:52.66

Ancient Aliens Map 25 NoMo in 0:41.37

Ancient Aliens Map 26 NoMo in 0:30.91

Ancient Aliens Map 27 NoMo in 1:18.66

Ancient Aliens Map 28 NoMo in 1.19:51

Ancient Aliens Map 29 NoMo in 4:51.60


This is all table filler, but there's a couple in there I'm proud of. 


Mega Link in case someone doesn't want to download 20 separate files

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Invasion UAC . Had a sesh yesterday and another this morning doing NoMo runs of the rest of the maps I didn't do. Some cannot be done due to scripting mishaps (like boss fights that don't pass by because the boss was dead too quick. Not all maps with the same mechanics do the same mishaps, which is a very annoying inconsistency, but oh well.)
COMPATIBLITY SETTINGS: Doom (Strict), Infinitely Tall Actors: off (bridges are actors, and you can't go across them if they're infinitely tall).

MAP01: Unusual Day, NoMo in 1:31



MAP02: The Stage is Set, NoMo in 1:07



MAP03: Unusual Day 2, NoMo in 0:57



MAP05: Unusual Day 3, NoMo in 1:13



MAP09: Final Redemption, NoMo in 0:53



MAP10: Club DOOM, NoMo in 2:10



MAP13: Invasion By Night 2, NoMo in 1:01



MAP14: Research Center, NoMo in 0:43



MAP15: The Death Domain, NoMo in 1:38



MAP15: The Death Domain, NoMo 100S in 1:39



MAP16: Battle Park, NoMo in 4:21



MAP17: Kingdom of Hell, NoMo in 1:43



MAP18: The Cathedral, NoMo in 3:39



MAP24: Silence and Motion, NoMo in 0:53



MAP25: Jurassic Adventures, NoMo in 2:08


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A lil' NoMo pack. That isn't Invasion UAC! On DSDA-Doom!
MAP01 NoMo in 0:42 ak01o042.zip

MAP02 NoMo in 1:09 ak02o109.zip

MAP03 NoMo in 0:30 ak03o030.zip  

MAP04 NoMo in 1:21 ak04o121.zip

MAP05 NoMo in 0:54 ak05o054.zip

MAP06 NoMo in 2:34 ak06o234.zip


BASE04 [BASE04.wad] (-complevel 2)

MAP04 NoMo in 0:20 ba04o020.zip


January Ninth [janine.wad] (-complevel 2) 

MAP01 NoMo in 1:14 jan01o114.zip

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