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Something Awesome I might actually be able to use for my profession

What profession would you wear this in?  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. What profession would you wear this in?

    • Doctor
    • Nurse
    • Lab tech
    • Professor
    • Mad Scientist
    • Just a Halloween Costume
    • No fing way, don\\\'t want to lose my job
    • I\'d wear it everyday no matter what my job is
    • Other

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Maybe if you worked as a henchmen for an antagonist who wasn't very resourceful and needed to buy their standard dress from companies like this. I would hire you.

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Rohit_N said:

Fuck, other people listen to Angelspit? Awesome.

I personally never heard anything by them until I saw them open for KMFDM last year in Austin. When I heard them I was like, "Fuck! I need to listen to more of this shit!"

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Yeah, I heard them in Houston (KDFDM was just extra to me). Even got a picture taken with destroyx. B)

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Is there no subtlety in todays graphic design? Everything I see looks like an orgasm of vetor art. Little effort composition wise.

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What do you mean? I like all the 'activity' going on on the labcoat

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