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A good level WAD for AEoD

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I love playing AEons of Death, especially since the newest v5 version is relased. I playing always, when I have a little time to play Doom.

However, I tried (and somtimes beat too) the most popular WADs: HR2, Plutonia, Evilution, Whispers of Satan, Alien Vendetta, Scythe, Scythe 2, and other famous WADs

...and now I don't have idea. Can you give me tips, which other WADs should I play with AEoD?

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I tried about 20 of the Top 100, about 10 was which I tried it but I didn't enjoyed minus the TC's and multiplayer WADs... remain about 40-50. Thanks, when I'll have time I'm going to try some WADs.

maybe exact WADs from anybody other?

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In my experience using AEoD with anything will make it suck no matter how good it originally was.

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