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Raytracing instead of Raycasting?

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So, I was browsing sourcforge and I came across this project. Its a Doom port that uses raytracing for rendering, one thing that caught my eye in particular is that the sprites cast shadows. Are there currently any other ports that take advantage of raytracing? And could it be used to enhance any existing ports? I know that there was a thread recently that discussed lighting problems in GZdoom, and I think that GPU raytracing is used for lighting in a lot of newer games.


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david_a said:

This has already been posted. Ray tracing for Doom doesn't make any sense as I explained in the other thread.

* shadows from point light sources
* reflections/refractions/translucency (glass, water, etc)

Well, both of these would be interesting to see in Doom. Would it be possible to make a port that only uses raytracing for lighting, and nothing else?

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What you're asking doesn't really make sense; ray tracing for visuals naturally involves tracing paths of light, there's not much else to it...

One application that is far more feasible is ray tracing for sound. The sound engines (even in modern games) are a total joke - you can hear enemies through walls, there's no environmental effects, crap distance attenuation, etc. This is an active research area that is on the verge of becoming a reality in games. You can get away with tracing a lot fewer rays than is needed for visuals so it's feasible to do in real time on modern high-end PCs (a lot of this is done on the GPU, actually). We'll probably start seeing game engines on the next generation of consoles doing some sound ray tracing.

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