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Board misconfigured, misleading URLs

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Looking at my User Profile page to check updated threads, I noticed that the button (which should lead to the first new post after my last visit) contains an URL that results in an error message.

The same issue appears for page numbers in search results with threads spread across many pages.

It seems to me that this kind of "shortcut URLs" is not handled by the board software.

I hope you are able to fix that.

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EDIT: The first issue is fixed. Not sure what you mean by the second one. Can you give an example? Please indicate your setting for number of posts per page.

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Second is fixed too.



Post your non-Doom game picture/video! [but don't quote image or video] [size=1]( [color=red]1 2 3 4 ... Last page[/color] )[/size]

This area didn't work either, before the fix.

P.S.: Huh? I thought I am allowed to use vB Code? (vB code is ON)

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Bloodshedder said:

The first issue is fixed.

Yes! Thank you! This issue has been bothering me for years!

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Aliotroph? said:

Methinks the ? in my name causes pain to the forums.

But I love it so.

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