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Good manufacturer for Radeon HD 5770?

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I'm set on getting a Radeon HD 5770 for Christmas. I was originally going to get it from XFX, but now I'm reading about "white residue" that is appearing on some cards, and their refusal to provide refunds. Reading this makes me want to get it from a different manufacturer, but these cases seems rare. Thoughts/suggestions?

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I like sapphire, bought 2 4850s and my current 4870 of theirs. Gigabyte is a good choice too. I would avoid powercolor.

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I bought a 5770 (XFX) and had a problem where it would idle too low and there would be corruption - basically blue dots & crap all over the screen. Overclocking it even 1MHz fixes it. Other than that overclocking thing, no problems. No white residue, but I only ran it for 6 months before my HD died.

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