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Instant-kill sector in BOOM?

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I don't know of a perfectly reliable way that will only trigger if you're touching the floor, but I've seen vanilla-compatible approximations in mods like Batman Doom. You'd have to refer to the maps themselves to find out how it was done, as I honestly don't know.

In BOOM you might be able to have a voodoo doll start down a conveyor and head toward a slow crusher sector that will start once the voodoo doll enters that sector, but unless perfectly timed this will not necessarily kill the player as soon as they hit.

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AFAIK you can only make an instant kill linedef action in BOOM (and Vanilla Doom for that matter). This is for killing the player, not a monster.

Option1: See TNT MAP30. The player teleports onto a voodoo doll, thus telefragging themselves.

Option2: Use a silent slow crusher linedef action to crush a voodoo doll to death. This method allows you to give some time delay before the crusher kills the voodoo. It's not instant kill though, but pretty fast.

Option3: Use a voodoo on a conveyor which then teleports onto another voodoo doll. This would give a more instant kill after a time delay ie: falling off a ledge etc.


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