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PSX DooMGuy's HUD change

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Ok here's the situation : I download the TC of PSX DooM for GXDoom. I love every thing about except one thing. Ok this is kind of rediculus and maybe pickey to some people but I want to have the status bar removed and use GZDooM's alternative HUD. I know how to do that with regular DooM games (Go into display settings and increase the screen size until status bar switches) Now I have tried doing that but the old status bar still overlaps. Now I went right into the wad with an editor and removed the original status bar and the new HUD by GZDooM was there but the health and armor percentage would not show. This is probably stupid to most people but if any one can help I would realy appreciate it.

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footman said:

Remove PSXHUD from the LOADACS lump.

I did that just now but the health and armor % wont show. Do you know what might be wrong?

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