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Recommendations for Some Good "PWADs" for Doom³?

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I wanna play some of whatever custom stuff is out there for Doom³.

There must be some good ones out there, so are there any that anyone can recommend?

And, by that, are there any worthy of note that one would most certainly NOT recommend?

In either case, tell me a little something about your recommendations

I've been doing this sort of thing for the original Doom games for years, and one is amazed at some of the really, really good stuff out there! But of course there's also much, much more n00b-*beep* out there as well.

Being quite newer to Doom³ i didn't want to immediately start shoveling through tons and tons of virtually-unplayable n00b-*beep* just to find the proverbial needle in the *beep*stack. But I did want to start playing immediately...something good. Playing something good, yes hehehe

I'm using the ordinary CD-ROM versions and not the Steam versions, if that matters.

Thanks in advance!

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