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Doom 2 map 1 and 7 UV Max

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I am a new member here and I am from Taiwan, I have done the UV Max of doom 2 map 1 and 7 a few days ago lol.

Map 1: 1:07
Map 7: 1:32

I have also done other doom demos in other wads like WOS and PL2. And I will post them later.

doom 2 map 1.zip

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Not bad. I liked the way you quickly gunned down that last Imp outside on MAP01.

But why the MBF complevel? That's very odd. Please read the "Using Prboom-plus and -complevels" sticky on this forum and use appropriate complevels for your future runs. Your mouse sensitivity, too, seems way too high - the player's view wobbles so much you can get seasick watching the demo. ;)

It's a good thing you're recording on newer WADs as well, for most ppl around here IWAD runs won't be of much interest unless you beat a Compet-N record. There are tons of WOS and PL2 runs already, though, perhaps you could try to blaze new paths?

Oh, and welcome to DW! You must be the first Chinese speedrunner here. :D

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@Daiyu, welcome!


I was the one who convinced him to come here. His English comprehension is not very good, so I'm not sure that he can understand the comp level stuff. I'll try to explain it to him as well as possible. :)

Also, if I'm not mistaken, Erwin Lin was a Chinese speedrunner as well. Don't think he's active anymore, but I remember reading a demo text file where he stated that he's from HK?

Edit: I believe Evocalvin is from HK as well.

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About the MBF complevel, I already get the point, thanks for Qaatar about that.

As for mouse sensitive, I already have a little bit change slower, I see if it can be ok at the next playthrough.

I will start doing Ultimate doom playthrough of UV max. Episode 4(Thy flesh consumed) may be a bit hard to me(Especially E4M2 Perfect Hatred), but I will have a try. And then doom 2.

I wonder if I can upload more than 1 files at a time.

My FRAPS recording got many problems, so I can't record it and put to youtube. That's why my youtube channel have no doom playthrough done by me.

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You can include as many files in your zip as you want, as long as it's lower than a 200k file size.

I'm not sure about the fraps problem...might have something to do with your computer's specifications (computer power).

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Welcome to demos forum. I hope your demos.

You should learn the strategy from world record demos and follow them, then your doom skill might progress quickly, though it is the most important to enjoy speedrunning itself.

About Fraps, I think 2 cores or over (multi-core) are necessary to use Fraps comfortably.

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Daiyu_Xiaoxiang said:
I wonder if I can upload more than 1 files at a time.

Yeah, the best way to do it is to zip the zips. Some recent mini-packs by dew (for slugfest) and vdgg (199* WADs) do this. Avoid spaces in names, though, because they screw with the download on some browsers. Use underscores for that, like in your username.

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