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Marine Doom WAD to Work under Zdoom or Legacy

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Ok, I read the directions in regards to the DeHacked program (DEH)and it did work since I have the file DOOM95.exe It does work under that, but with no mouse support. I REALLY!!!! REALLY need the mouse to work.

Thats why and all I am asking now, is that how do I get this WAD file to run with mouse support under Zdoom or Legacy?

I even dropped the Marine WAD file in the same directory as Zdoom.

Just please explain on how to get this WAD working in one these ported programs like Zdoom or Legacy? I LOVE this WAD!!!!!


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Drag the Wad AND the Deh file over ZDoom.exe.

It wouldn't have worked correctly under Doom95 as Doom95 can't read Deh files.

A Deh file modifies some elements of the game, though now days many source ports come with their own alternatives that are many magnitudes more powerful and capable (i.e can change far more than a deh could).

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WOW!!! It seems to work as I dropped the DMARMY3.DEH and the MARINE1.WAD file into ZDOOM.exe. No monsters throwing fireballs, only humans....

I was using Legacy for a long while now, and ZDOOM seems to be more user friendlier.

Mouse does work now....

And will all this work under Windows 7 by the way?

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

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doomfreak0001 said:

And will all this work under Windows 7 by the way?

Yes, ZDoom works on Windows Vista and 7 with no problems.

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