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Need some assistance with an old 16-bit ISA Sound blaster

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So I finally got around to buying a Creative Sound Blaster Vibra16 for my old Tandy, but it unfortunately seems that I'm having some trouble with getting it to work. I downloaded the drivers for the card, and the install program is telling me this:

And all of these ports also get the same error:

Since this was in the world of manual jumper settings, I decided to inspect the card:

The labels on the chip where the jumpers are only read SPEAKER, and LINE_OUT.

I've already gone into the BIOS and disabled the "Multimedia" circuit along with all of the Tandy sound stuff(Drivers, lines in AUTOEXEC, etc). Since I'm still no big expert on this topic (Especially on ISA cards), I ask the members of Doomworld once again for help.

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Bloodshedder said:

I think you might be trying to use the wrong kind of card for your purpose.

Do you mean I got the wrong Sound Blaster model?

EDIT: Also, the link you provided is for the CT4181. This one's number is CT4180.

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