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No, the map format is entirely orthogonal to graphics replacements.

I think it's more likely that you didn't place the sprites in the correct namespace.

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although I haven't done any graphics editing in a while, I remember with Wintex you only had to call it PISGA0, it's just that you had to select "sprites" so it gets placed in the right spot. I don't know what program you're using but I bet it works similarly (I mean, who wants to look at the entire list anyway?)

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You should make two marker lumps, first one named SS_START and the second one named SS_END.
Then you must put all sprite lumps between these two markers.

Your lump order should then look like this:

EDIT: Do not forget to check if the sprite offsets exactly match the ones in Equinox.

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Yes and no. There is only one global palette in use at a time, so if you want to have pictures using colors outside of that palette, they have to contain their own color information. In other words, they can't be Doom-format graphics or flats. You've got to convert them to PNG or another supported image format (but PNG is pretty much the best).

In ZDoom, these extra colors will be translated to their closest match in the Doom palette; but in GZDoom you'll see them all.

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