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Young Cyberdemon

3d flooring, lighting and stuff

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Heya, have you seen zombie horde? If you have, then you'll know what I'm on about. How do you get those 3d floors and stuff used with opengl into a doom level on doombuilder2? Thanks

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3d floors and other Gzdoom specific features are already implemented in ZDoom (DoomHexen), Zdoom (DoomUDMF) and Skulltag(DoomHexen) configurations. You can find some tutorials on how to use them floating around somewhere, but I don't know exactly where they are atm.

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How to make a 3D floor for gzdoom (it works with zdoom, but it won't visual it):

1. Tag your sector that you want 3d floor to appear over and take the shape of that sector.

2. Create a dummy sector outside the map, now assign the 3d floor action on any line of the dummy one, make sure that it targets tag 1 (this is only hexen format).

3. Now the last thing, the floor of dummy sector will be the lower side of the 3d floor, if the floor is 64, then the lower side of the 3d floor will be at height 64, the ceiling of the dummy sector will be the upper side of the 3d floor, if it was at 72, then the upper side of the 3d floor will be 72 ingame.

Getting the Gzdoom visual mode for the builder will be a lot easier, because it will visual the 3d floor in the builder instead of trying ingame.

Also you can make 3d floor in doom format, change to doom legacy configuration , there is an action that makes the 3d floor, but it won't draw the floor right, monsters may see through these.

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