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Adding new Sprites [Issue]

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I have an issue here with adding sprites. I would like to replace the original Pistol sprites from Doom2 to the sprites that are used for the Mag.60

I have renamed them properly and I used slade to convert them to a Graphic (Doom) format. Whenever I play Doom (I used prboom-plus & Eternity) with the wad it will show the normal Pistol sprites.

In Chocolate-Doom the sprites aren't shown at all.

I've used the search feature but non of those topics helped me.
If anyone can understand what I just posted and can help me please do.

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I don't know enough to help you, but I think it'd probably make it easier for people who have the knowledge to help you if you could upload the wad somewhere.

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Good idea Phml!

click this for the wad.

Hopefully my explanation is clear on what is going on. I've also opened this up in SlumpEd and it is telling me that the lumps aren't sprites. I think my question should be - How do I convert images to doom sprites properly.

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If you placed the sprites between proper markers, you should use the -merge parameter in Choclate Doom instead of -file.

In that case vanilla uses DeuSF to merge in the rest of the sprites, as it requires a full set of sprites in the last WAD loaded to avoid crashing. Chocolate's -merge is the (easier to apply) equivalent.

Edit: Looking at your WAD, I see the graphics are in the proper format, but are missing the markers. Use SS_START before them and SS_END after them.

Just in case, when applying flats you also need to use markers for them, but they would be FF_START and F_END (only one F in the latter one.)

Wall patches are also generally given PP_START and PP_END markers, although these are not required, but they help editing utilities identify them.

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Myk...You da man! Fo real. Thank you for your help. Why do you know so much?

It worked like a charm and now that problem that bothered me for about an hour is fixed.

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TendaMonsta said:
Thank you for your help. Why do you know so much?

Glad to help! The knowledge is based on being in the community for a long time. I also specialize in vanilla-related stuff, so those topics come naturally to me.

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