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Slanted 3D floors

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Is there any trick with these? I've gotten them to work a few times by chance but I still don't really get it.

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I believe you apply the slope specials to your 3D floor control sectors, which have to be lined up parallel with the ingame slope sectors in whatever direction the slope is facing. It makes things a real mess for any slopes in a direction that aren't straight-on vertical or horizontal. (Well, okay, I suppose 45-degree diagonal ones are also doable, but much more precise than that and you're in for a world of pain in trying to line them up.)

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GZdoom floors are pretty cool. Just gotta watch out what the hell your doing with them. =) Plus, to make things even better, there's a GZdoom 3D floor and slope plugin for Doom Builder II floating around in the editing forum. That way, you won't even have to run the game to check if thay're not screwed up. What a Godsend!

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