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ZDoom font generator

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Was playing around with this neat new tool for about 30 minuites. Yet I couln't get a font out of it to save my ass.
I'm exporting the font image to pcx format, then using "create lump from image" to attempt to make the final lmp file. The only thing it gives me is this: "Could not open C:\Documents for reading" no matter what I do, what image format, everything. So anyone who knows how to use this tool, lil help please. =)

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It seems to me it's actually trying to open something in C:\Documents and Settings\SomethingSomewhere, but is choking on the space in the path.

Install it in a different directory, and make sure there are no spaces in the path anywhere from the drive letter to the file name.

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Did that. But now it keeps giving me this: "Dimensions: 138 x 188
C:\fontgen\stmpfont.lmp: Nothing to save"

EDIT: It seems to only do this when i'm using BigFont format, Consolefont seems to work ok...

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