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Help Request w/Marines DooM

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Old time DooM fan; I played the original Marines.wad & DeHackEd patch when it was first released; no problems...(well, nothing that everyone else wasn't having!)... ;)

Now I have Doom2 installed on my secondary IDE2 HDD under WinXP, and am trying to get Marines.wad and it's DEH patch working, either with the Doom.exe or with ZDoom, either is OK...

I've forgotten everything I ever knew about Doom, DeuSF, DeHackEd, etc...i can't even recall the command string to launch this pwad...

So, I am requesting your help...How do i get this thing installed and launched???

The batch file isn't doing the whole job; the M249 changes into a shotgun when fired...and not full auto...

Thanks for any help! :D

EDIT: Saw this under my Username/comment -

Registered just to make one post"

...That is cruel...just cruel...

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Sigvatr said:

Use Zdoom, CTRL + Select all the files you need, then drag over Zdoom.exe

Thanks for your reply!

I'm not much of a drag-over guy...I still launch from the command prompt...There was a time when i knew the proper string for appending the required files...but CRS has wiped that all out...

Edit: Thank You!!! That worked!!!

I must admit...This is the first time I've launched a program by dragging & dropping...onto an executable...

Learn something new every day... :)

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