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COLORMAP lump editing question

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For the past few days I've been working on the color palette changes for Supplice. I think I'm finally to a point where I'm happy with my palette changes, so I'm tweaking some of the effects now. I'm using Inkworks (w/ DosBox) and DeepSea to do the editing, but I'm running into an issue in relation to the COLORMAP lump.

First I used Inkworks to edit my pain/radsuit/pickup flashes. I also edited the Invulnerability range. One of the new color ranges in my palette was more susceptible to the changing colors in differing light levels, so I decided to edit the COLORMAP in DeepSea to fix it. I spent a good 3 hours manually tweaking the range of colors that needed fixing, and it actually came out looking really good. However, DeepSea seemed to revert my Invunerability color change that I did in Inkworks previously to the original white/black range (incidentally it also undid all of my other color ranges too). I figured I could just run it through Inkworks again and reset those ranges as it only takes a few minutes. But it turns out that Inkworks totally destroys the work I did on my COLORMAP to fix the light fade color rape. Thankfully I backed up my COLORMAP so that work wasn't lost, but I've arrived at a dilemma.

I'm able to keep my pain/radsuit/pickup flashes as that's a palette-only effect; all I had to do was run it through Inkworks again and extract the PLAYPAL lump. However, I have no way of inserting my Invulnerability color range without losing my 3 hours of work :/. Inkworks and DeepSea are the only two utilities I'm aware of that allow you to edit the COLORMAP in one way or another, and both of them will revert or destroy work. Ideally I'd like to be able to manually pull the Invulnerability range edited by Inkworks from a disposable COLORMAP lump and insert it into my custom COLORMAP lump without having to touch any of the light mapped bits. Maybe something along the lines of converting it to an editable image format and then back to a lump would be perfect.

Is there any way I can get around this? Let me know if I need to clarify anything or if more information is needed.

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XWE has a menu option to do it, though it'll be slightly brighter than the standard invuln map because there's no way to tell it to include the darker grays that are separated from the main gray range in the palette.

You could also convert the COLORMAP lump to a PNG using Slade3, export it and edit it directly in Photoshop or whatever image editor of your choice, re-import it, and use Slade3 to convert it back to a linear graphic.

To generate the invuln map in Photoshop, you'd copy the top row of the colormap, paste it over the existing invuln map, and apply a Gradient Map to it using a white-to-black gradient.

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Nice, I didn't know SLADE3 could export it as an image file. That's pretty much perfect. I wish I had known that sooner, heh.

I guess the Invuln range build must be in a newer version of XWE than the one I have because I don't see it. I never really trusted it for things like that anyways :P

Thanks for the help, as always!


Yup, just to confirm...that did the trick! All better now :]

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Also note that you could export the lump directly from any lump editor, import it in Photoshop as a raw graphic, setting the width and height properly and changing the color table from the default grayscale ramp to the Doom palette, and then re-imported the result directly as a lump without any conversion.

But it's much easier to explain just doing it as a PNG :p

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