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Error message: Unknown Object Code (0) in Archive

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So I recently continued my UV-run of Doom 2 (been playing in Skulltag because I DM often... yeah yeah yeah, shut up), but I decide to redownload gzdoom because it had been getting errors with a dll or another.

So gzdoom started working fine, but then Skulltag hit a dll problem. I redownload Skulltag, so now Skulltag and Gzdoom both work fine.

Except I can't load my UV save anymore. It just comes up with:

"Unknown Object Code (0) in Archive" in green text in the console.

Help? Will provide screenies if necessary.

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Wait. Please tell the following:
- Engine which wrote the save. (Either GZDoom or Skulltag, not both!)
- Previous version of that engine used.
- Current version of that engine used.

Anyway, what this message tells you is that the current version cannot load the save so you have to continue with the previous version or start anew.

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I played, saved, and loaded all games in Skulltag. Buuuut...

I did have to reinstall Skulltag, and I got the most recent version. So I guess I just have to id_clev to map 21 and start anew?


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That error sounds like the version you tried to load it with was incompatible with the one you saved it with but someone forgot to change the minimum compatible savegame version.

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