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Record Doom Episode 4

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I want to record Doom Episode 4, however when I insert the code it keeps on showing episode 3 levels, can anyone help me?

This is the code I insert, the prboom-plus code is already added. The one below in the code after the prboom-plus code. n is the map number.

"-iwad doom.wad -skill 4 -warp 4 n -complevel 2 -record X -file doom.wad"

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Yes, -complevel 3 should solve this.

- when you type -iwad doom.wad you don't need to repeat doom.wad with -file parameter.
- -iwad and -file don't need .wad extension (unlike Vanilla and Chocolate Doom).

so you simply type:

-iwad doom -complevel 3 -skill 4 -warp 4 n -record X

(if your default skill is 4, it can be simplified further, but let's stop here...)

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This also raises another point: presumably you have been using -complevel 2 if you record on episodes 1-3?

This causes the program to emulate the behaviour of Registered Doom 1.9 (the same exe as Doom2.exe 1.9). That's not a disaster (the iwad maps still work of course), but it does alter the lost soul behaviour, and will therefore lead to desyncs unless the viewer also forces this complevel, which is obviously undesirable.

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