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Super Flip

Best front-end for PrBoom?

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Is there any good front end for PrBoom that can load Iwads and set compatability settings before starting the game? I know the OSX verison of the sourceport has a built in launcher just for that, which the PC version lacks.

Any help would be appreciated, as most demos are going out of sync due to compatability.

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First of all, use prBoom-plus instead of prBoom. It plays back correctly every publicly-released demo under the sun, even v1.2 ones, and with most demos all you need to do is double-click them in Windoze Explorer.

For that to work, run Associate the current EXE with DOOM demos (-auto mode) from the launcher:

For the rest I use and highly recommend Doomer. It can run most engines out there, from vanilla to ZDoom, has a simple, clean interface (unlike the author's page ;) and allows addition of custom command-line switches:

The last ten custom command lines are saved in the Additional Parameter drop-down box, making switching between different WADs and complevels as easy as a couple of clicks.

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Super Flip said:

most demos are going out of sync due to compatability.

That sounds odd. While Prboom doesn't have all the compatibility fixes that Prboom-plus does, it can still play back most demos of the supported types.

And note: it is very rare indeed to need to force a complevel for playback - autodetection normally works fine, and forcing a complevel for playback is in most cases irrelevant or sometimes harmful.

So I'd guess you are either trying to play back demos of unusual types or you have an incorrect version of the iwads. Why not let us know some of the demos that have failed to play back correctly? Unless you mean that the demos "desync" because you haven't loaded the wads at all. :)

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