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Where to get perfect hires TEX pack for GZDoom?

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Where to get it?
My tex pack somewhat is messed doom 2 sky textures with plutonia/tnt and doom 1...

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There is no such thing. I've yet to see any hires textures that are good enough quality wise to be called 'perfect'.

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That's the one i got :), and it supports Final Doom skies and some textures too. But the city sky in doom 2 is replaced with a mountain sky (and i don't know where to find the matching one in pk3), various switches are stretched, skies in Final doom are stretched you know some bugs.

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Actually, the pack doesn't have a hi-res version of the Doom2 city sky (SKY2).

What you are seeing is Doom1's SKY2, which does exist in the pack.

The reason you are getting the Doom1 sky in Doom2 is because the Doom1 skies are in the "general folder", which is used by all the games.

Doom2, Plutonia and TNT textures which share the same name as Doom1 textures (mainly the skies and a few switches) are in sub folders that ZDoom look's (well I say that, Doomsday created this folder structure and ZDoom copied it) in when you run those games. If it finds a texture in these folders with the same name as one in the general folder, it will overrule the general one.

Given that there is no SKY2 in the Doom2 folder to overrule the one in the general folder when you run Doom2, ZDoom will take the one from the general folder.

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