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Some Doom PWAD-themed Wallpapers

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I made several wallpapers over the passed several days to try and avoid boredom. Each one is for a specific PWAD...so I hope the authors of the WADs featured don't mind...I used photoshop brushes from http://www.obsidiandawn.com/ and http://missm.paperlilies.com/01_news.html. I hope you don't mind the WADs I picked...I plan on doing more, so there are other WADs I'll cover eventually.

All wallpapers are 1280x800.

Grove wallpaper

Cheogsh Series wallpaper

Plutonia 2 wallpaper

The Ultimate Torment and Torture wallpaper

(Yes, this has a song, and it is by Linkin Park. I was listening to "The Catalyst" by them while making this wallpaper and it just kind of...fit)

Unloved wallpaper

Enjoy! Use them wherever you want, although, if you post them elsewhere (another forum, a livejournal, blog, etc) please give credit to me (as fullmetalvaran33). Comments and critiques are welcome :).

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These look really nifty. Using the Plutonia 2 wallpaper now. :D

EDIT: Sorry, I would be, but Explorer.exe is being a complete and utter bitch to me right now. :(

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Doomhuntress said:

How could I miss these? Very cool.
Oh, could you do a Equinox one next?

Thank you :)

I'll see what I can do...I kind of just make them as the inspiration comes to me, so, I can't make promises. I'm sorry. :( I'll try, though.

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I see. Well you don't have to make a Equinox one if you don't feel like it, I just thought a Equinox one would be balls.
Oh, and also, I'm using your Grove wallpaper right now. It motivated me to clean up the FUCKING MESS that was my desktop, just so I could see admire it's beauty. :)

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