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TOS - A new wad by Azamael

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GZDoom crashed when I tried to save a short while after the blue key door in the first map (and then again when I restarted and tried to make a test save right away). Shame because it was looking very visually interesting so far. The gameplay was sort of meh--playing on skill 3 I was feeling like shotgun shells were a bit too scarce and the very minor variations on the former human enemies didn't really add enough to justify their inclusions--but not enough to put me off of playing through the rest of it if it weren't for the crashes.

EDIT: Apparently it was because my GZDoom was a couple of versions out of date, so my bad. Still, you might want to mention (more prominently) that there will be crippling crashes not apparent at first if one doesn't have the most recent version. I'll probably give it another whirl soon.

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Okay, I just finished a more proper playthrough. Overall, I liked it a lot. The difficulty level was pretty fair, although it seems as though the flow of health/armor could have been a bit more even; it seemed like I usually either had too much of them to pick up or too little. This seemed to improve a bit in the second map.

I wasn't that impressed with most of the new monsters. The Arch-Vile with a Hell Knight head was interesting to fight against but looked too ridiculous for me to take seriously. Likewise the flying robot sentries or whatever they are. As I wrote before, I don't think the additional varieties of Former Human add enough to justify their inclusions, and some of them have shoddy-looking death sprites as well. On the other hand, I really liked the tougher, four-eyed Imp, I think because the sprite edit looked clean and subtle rather than hacked together. The beefed-up spiderdemon was also cool to see.

There were some great visuals. I really liked the interior of the crater and the space sky (but shouldn't it have some stars?) in the first map, especially at the final boss fight. The second map seemed to have two different kinds of visual style going on: one a rather Heretic-ish castle with open stone and wood rooms, which I didn't enjoy that much, and the other a more abstract, visually interesting Hell. The latter with its focus more on caves, an outdoor lava lake, ruined architecture, and setpieces like the floating library, enormous toothed pit in the ground, and gigantic mouth that you escape through was the most impressive part of the mapset for me and I really enjoyed exploring it. Having an enormous Cyberdemon stomping impotently around the skybox was pretty ridiculous, though, and if that was intentional I'd really consider replacing it with a more typical hellish sky. Other than that, as I said, this more hellish section of the Hell map was easily the visual highlight of an overall strong map.

A lot (like almost all) of the mirrors in the second map seemed to give HOM-like glitches when viewed from too far away or the wrong angle. Also, the different languages were a nice touch, but did they have to be reselected for the second level (isn't there a way to let the game remember what language the player chose)? It's a minor thing but having to reselect it somewhat jerked me out of the flow of things.

In conclusion, this has its rough edges but I found it very enjoyable and hope you continue to make more Doom projects!

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I really liked this, especially map 2's Celtic castle ruins/hellish lands. Good game play--even though the maps were large and fairly intricate with some seriously awesome architecture, I never got lost. I had loads of fun. My only complaint was the ending seemed to be a bit abrupt. I walk outside and it ends...No boss? :( Unless I messed up or something.

Still, this is good stuff :). Nice work.

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thanks to everybody for playing my wad:)

jerrysheppy said:

isn't there a way to let the game remember what language the player chose

- some peoples have bugs with this in my wad, i do not understand why, so i do 2 selections

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