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opengl bmp dillema

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I'm attempting to load a bitmap into OpenGL. Now, as OGL doesn't have automatic functions to do this, I've found several different implementations of several different solutions. One came from Nehe, and the others from random points along the net. Not one of them works. I've checked the file in Photoshop, it's in RGB 24-bit format with 8 bits per pixel (standard BMP format). The most common error is from what seems to be the most stable solution implementation yet. The error reads LOAD_TEXTUREBMP_OPENGL_ERROR, which is defined in the header as
A) an OpenGL internal format error, or
B) an error caused by running out of texture names.

Can you run out of texture names if you haven't defined any textures? I thought not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, I'm using GLUT, as Win32 code is roughly comparable to trying to swallow your own arm via your ass.


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