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Heretic E3M8 music MP3 and remake download

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I don't know, why, but D'Sparil (the final boss of Heretic) is one of my favourite final bosses in the history of the computer and console gaming. I loved the level music (E1M9 and E3M8 too, I know), but I've never found that. I can't save it from SLumped, because I can't listen MUS format, and also I rather want to have this music in MP3 format.

Moreover, if this music have any remakes, I want to listen them. Can you send me download (or listening) links?

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Yeah, there is a distinct lack of Heretic remixes which is a pity as it has some of the best music (better to my ear than even the mighty Doom!)of that era in it.

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Captain Toenail said:

A little off-topic but has anyone ever remixed Heretic's E1M1 tune? I tried Googling it, but there was nothing.

I've been tempted to do just this for a long time. Though if I ever do, it'll probably be all electronic butchery.

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I've also thought about doing a Heretic E1M1 remake. It's a cool track and it would be nice to do a non-"Bobby Prince" track for a change.

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