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RSL modifications galore: Parallel Forces, She-Redux

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Hi everybody,

my name is Richard Smith Long... You may know me for a couple gameplay/weapon modifications appeared on the IDGames archive. I am posting now to (shamelessly) advertise two modifications I published recently:

Parallel Forces


- a mod implementing three distinct classes for cooperative play. Each class has its own arsenal, items and powerups; spawners take care of all this. Each class can be used for singleplayer as well, of course.

She-Redux (AKA The Desperate DOOMwive)


- a more classic weapons modification that focuses on (slightly) twisted altfires, its theme revolving around the concept of "DOOM female marines". (Only as another example of pretestuous backstory for a DOOM mod!)

On a side note, I have also upgraded/bugfixed all of my previous mods also basing on the /newstuff reviews I received. You can find them here:


In addition to the above modifications, the list includes these previous releases:

The Rebel
The Prototype: A Tribute Mod
Revenge: a classic DOOM experience
DOOM NG (New Generation DOOM)
RSL's Immoral Conduct Z-Patch

If you care, drop me a line...

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