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Can't upload my mod

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For years I had no problem with using a FPT client to access /idgames, but now after I upgraded my PC I had to download a new one. Basically, I don't know how to access /idgames with it so that I can upload my mod.

The official Doomworld FAQ says this:

# Using an FTP client

1. Load an FTP client (FileZilla or something similar).

2. Connect to archives.gamers.org. The username is "anonymous", and the password is your email address (i.e. user@host.net).

3. Once connected, navigate the directory structure to /pub/idgames/incoming/.

4. Upload your ZIP file, and BE SURE to upload the text file required to accompany it.

Doomworld recommended Filezilla so I decided to use that, however when I try to connect to a server it just shows me this:

I don't see any fields asking me for a user name or field to type in archives.gamers.org.

I decided to just press ok without changing any of the information and then tried to see if I could find another way to connect, but after looking for more options I just can't find any. How am I suppose to connect to archives.gamers.org????


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