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Anima Zero

Epic 2 demos [-complevel 2]

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Broke down and registered a Doomworld account.

Anyhow, this is a miscellaneous demo for Map 13 that is half UV Max Reality. It has the no damage half besides the forced damage to activate the exit. Forgot that using plasma invalidates Reality; darn it. Route is a bit different for Qaatar's Max so I decided to put this out for display purposes. Time taken is 4:21. Quite improvable for someone with more precise execution and swiftness at berserk punching archies.

May go back and try to do Reality proper but I've had enough of this map for now.


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Nice demo and welcome to the forums! If, like me, you have trouble getting motivated to do a demo, I suggest doing the simpler maps ;) It doesn't have to be the fastest time to be interesting.

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I entertained the idea of posting a UV Max of Map 25 on the 25th of the month. As I plan on engaging in other activities between now and then, the demo is arriving early.

It took relatively little time to plan a route and weapon usage. I broke 7:30 a few days ago but believed I could do better. Crossed another 15 second threshold and made it in 7:15. There's some embarrassing mistakes and a linedef failed to trigger properly which cost a few seconds. Cooperative chaingunners and revanants (each one I punched out went down in 2 or 3) really helped keep the time down. Chasing down every last Lost Soul eats up at least 10 seconds; I'd probably have already crossed the 7 minute barrier if not for them.

Highly recommend playing through the map before watching this at it will ruin the feeling of discovery built into the map.


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Work in progress: Map 19 UV Max Current time - 10:33 HUD used

Third recorded exit. Dangerous archvile situations and tight ammo early on make this an interesting challenge. Under 10 minutes is within reach even on the route used and below 9 seems doable with a more aggressive and dangerous route.


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Archi said:

Map06 UV-Max in 7:37.

Your name and profile picture confuses me, at first I though I had accidentally posted a demo here or I had been hacked. Lol.

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Memfis said:

MAP18 UV-Max in 8:26

Watch in prboom for cool music. :)

best part about the music is how it changes exactly the moment you get the shotgun, and the ssg.

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Improved my personal record for map 19 UV Max to 9:55. I wanted to improve this further but after 104 recording attempts, my body was warning me of repetitive motion injury. My wireless keyboard stops responding in the middle of the demo and it costs some seconds while I reestablish the connection. It's rather noticeable to anyone who watches.

(nods to Daiyu for submitting a faster time than my previous demo to DSDA)


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Map06 UV-Max in 5:09

Seeing a UV-Fast demo faster than a UV-Max in map like this bothered me... ;) Much less impressive though but whatever.


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With the DW Megawad Club picking this megaWAD, that provided enough inspiration to make another 40 recording attempts. It's done now, for real.

Map 21: UV Reality in 3:56

Luckily placed imp fireball saves me a fraction of a second.

File includes my first successful Reality exit filled with mistakes you don't want to see in a speedrun.


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Well, here is the other demo I mentioned in the DWMC-thread. Got closer to the ten-minute barrier than I thought I could... Still slower than Tatsurd's -fast demo but ehhhh.

Map14 UV-Max in 10:07


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Veinen said:

Map23 UV-max in 9:42

I am glad that you try undone max in this wad and your runs are very great!
Later maps on UV-Fast in epic 2 were so tricky for me with using optimized route for UV-Max, so I used odd routes for survival, especially map 23, 24, and 29. These runs are not polished. I am looking forward to watching the rest of undone max. Please keep it up!

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