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Doom Builder 2 startup error

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Whenever I attempt to create a custom game config for DB2, I get this startup error:

"Error in program configuration near line 904: Unknown keyword in assignment. Missing a previous termiator symbol? Would you like to overwrite your settings with a new configuration to restore the default settings?"

Basically, it deletes all my settings and plus, I have to go through this and reconfigure every time I start up Doom Builder.

So, like...
1. "Why would a new custom game config have any effect whatsoever on Builder.cfg?" (I assume that's the config that the app is talking about)
2. There is no line 904 in Builder.cfg. It stops at 200+something.
3. I never had any problems with previous versions of DB2 and custom game configs. I know my config is perfect and no syntax errors.
4. deleting the custom game config doesn't give me the error anymore. Like magic.
5. when I check near line 904 of the game confic I created.... I see no problems. (There's not a single DoomEdNum that is doubled)

Any ideas? I'm using the latest version of DB2 with the GZDoom plugin.
If anyone asks for details about how I created the custom config, I'll gladly provide them. Thanks.

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If parentheses "( )" are unusal characters then yes. Tried removing them, but didn't change anything.
I'll just have to keep checking the configs for any possible anomolies, because the config will load but some thingtype categories are still missing...

EDIT: As a matter of fact, forget about it. It's much easier to use the pk3 file directley as a rescource since DB2 can read decorate scripts fantasticaly. Thanks anyways =)

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CodeImp said:

Your new game configuration may not have spaces or unusual characters in its filename.

Hi CodeImp.

I guess when are you gonna throw to trash can your so called "Map Editor" (DB2) since SLade 3 will offer soon the "Ultimate Doom Map Editor" and then DB2 will sound like a joke-software.



Nah... Thant's joke. Because im way bored. :P

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I wouldn't expect the map editor part of SLADE to be ready anytime soon. Unless you define "soon" differently from me.

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